Mortgage Loans and Management

Direct Capital Investments will consider 1st registered mortgages secured over residential, commercial, retail and/or industrial real estate assets.
All loans are assessed by Direct Capital Investments internal credit committee and all documentation is verified by our lawyers and vetted by our Investment Committee before a loan can be settled.
Amounts:  $1,000,000 to $40,000,000
Loan Terms:  3 to 24 months – depending upon the borrowers requirement
Interest Rates:  Negotiable based on underlying security, LVR, location, borrower, type of loan and loan term.
Interest:  Paid in-advance or monthly in-arrears.
Location:  Sydney and Melbourne Metropolitan Areas
Security:   Real property supported by registered mortgages and caveats
Valuations:   Independent valuation (chosen by Direct Capital Investments) may be required
LVR: Loan to value ratios up to 70% are considered